Media Analysis

Now Pragati Biotech and Life Science is going to diversify its activities and going to enter itself in to manufacturing activities. In first phase we are set our self to start the manufacturing of high quality dehydrated cultural media and ready to use prepared media in the form of sterilized petri plates. Now days most of the pharma industries, different pathological labs individual as well as those are attached with hospitals prefer to use premixed dehydrated cultural Medias or even some times ready to use prepared Medias for testing their clinical samples. This help them to reduce their inventory, time and man power which will help them to serve their customers in better way and provide their services in time. The pharma industries need to check sterility of the working environment

and also do microbiological assay of their products to ascertain the efficiency of their products.
So for this they need different Medias for growing different microbes in vitro.

We undertake the analysis of different food and water samples to check their purity and safety microbiologically as we as chemically.
We provide them authentic reports on toxicological aspects of their products to the satisfaction of different national and international authority.
We undertake analysis of all food products, pharmaceutical products, potable and industrial waste water to evaluate the safety of these products with respect to human life.
We undertake the analysis of different industrial chemicals to evaluate the purity on qualitative as well as quantitative basis.
Manufacturing different dehydrated cultural Medias and ready to use prepared Medias for microbiological testing of food products, clinical and forensic samples and pharmaceutical products.

1) The Media required for sterility testing of environments and water used in manufacturing process.
2) Media required for assessment of antibiotic activity
3) Any customized media as per the particular requirement of particular customer

Medias required for testing following organisms to see the safety and sterility of different products before suppling for human or animal consumption.
a) Total viable count (TVC)
b) Enterobacteriaceae
c) Aerobic and anaerobic plate count (A P C)
e) Aerobic colony count (ACC)
f) Enterococci
g) E. coli
h) Staphylococcus aureus
i) Bacillus species.
j) Clostridium perfringens
k) Lactic acid bacilli
l) Pseudomonas species
m) Yeast and molds.
Any othercustomised media as per the particular requirements of the individual customer.

a) General purpose medias for cultivation and isolation and identification of general pathogens to ensure aetiology of particular disease.
b) Specialised medias for cultivation, isolation and identification of particular pathogens
c) Various differential medias for cultivation, identification and differentiating the particular pathogen on the basis of their specific biochemical reactions in external media.